Dead Pool 7th July 2024

Other than the death of the Tory party; you’d be forgiven for not knowing anyone on the list this week, its been a very quiet week indeed! So, this has given me a chance to run through the lists to see who I’ve missed. 

49 points to Trish as I missed the passing of Janis Page on 2nd June. Paul C got lucky when Zhang Lixiong died in early April, 40 points! Well done both of you, and well done me for not missing too many 🙂 

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In Other News

Eamonn Holmes was forced to bow out of his GB News programme early due to ill health. The presenter prompted concern among viewers on Tuesday when he was suddenly absent halfway through an interview segment. Holmes, 64, and his co-host Isabel Webster interviewed Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Mental Health Maria Caulfield at 7.45am. Halfway through the chat, however, during which Holmes was completely silent, he exited the studio and left Webster to present the breakfast show solo for the remaining 90 minutes. An explanation for his absence was not given at the time. A spokesperson for GB News has since told the Flying Monkeys: “Eamonn had to finish a little earlier today as he was feeling unwell. He hopes to be back tomorrow.” His swift exit follows just days after the broadcaster told us that he felt as though he was living on “borrowed time” because his father had died at the age of 65 from a heart attack in 1991. Holmes made the comments at the TRIC (Television and Radio Industries Club) Awards, which took place in London on 25th June. The veteran broadcaster is currently suffering from chronic back pain, and required a walker with a seat at the ceremony, stating that he considered pulling out of the event due to the severe pain. “I wasn’t going to come, but I’ve got this new chair with all these gadgets,” explained Holmes, who previously said in January that he was facing the “harsh reality” that he may never be able to walk again unaided.  

Christina Applegate has opened up about what she would like to do with the time she has left, including some fun-sounding things! The celebrity has long been open about her ongoing health struggle with MS, and revealed she has a bucket list. And let’s just say the bucket list is not lacking in ambition in the slightest, containing several very exciting activities. It comes as Applegate made a concerning comment during a podcast where she claimed that she no longer ‘enjoys living’. She told her podcast MeSsy: “This is being really honest. I don’t enjoy living. I don’t enjoy it. I don’t enjoy things anymore.” Applegate later clarified that she did not mean to alarm people with the remark. And in a marked change of tone, the star of Married… with Children didn’t hold back on what she wants to do with the time she has, covering work and and play in her list. In a post to her 1.5 million followers on Twitter, she hinted at some of the things she wants to do with her time: “There are things I want to do with the days I have left in life. I want to work with Shirley MacLaine and do shots with Cher! And yes my days are so big. Just saying.” Both of those things sound like they would be brilliant! Many fans of the actor piled into the comments to share their thoughts on the heartwarming post. Some fans even tagged Cher in their tweets in an attempt to draw the star’s attention to the post on social media. 

On This Day

  • 1928 – Sliced bread is sold for the first time (on the inventor’s 48th birthday) by the Chillicothe Baking Company of Chillicothe, Missouri.
  • 1985 – Boris Becker becomes the youngest male player ever to win Wimbledon at age 17.
  • 1992 – The New York Court of Appeals rules that women have the same right as men to go topless in public. 
  • 2005 – A series of four explosions occurs on London’s transport system, killing 56 people, including four suicide bombers, and injuring over 700 others.


Last Week’s Birthdays

Shelley Duvall (75), Jack Whitehall (36), Ringo Starr (84), Sylvester Stallone (78), Eva Green (44), Kevin Hart (45), Geoffrey Rush (73), Jennifer Saunders (66), Burt Ward (79), Huey Lewis (74), Post Malone (29), Neil Morrissey (62), Tom Cruise (62), Patrick Wilson (51), Kurtwood Smith (81), Yeardley Smith (60), Bolo Yeung (78), Margot Robbie (34), Lindsay Lohan (38), Saul Rubinek (76), Larry David (77), Jerry Hall (68), Peter Kay (51), Liv Tyler (47), Pamela Anderson (57), Dan Aykroyd (72), and Geneviève Bujold (82).

Dead Pool 30th June 2024

A quiet week for us, you’d be hard pressed to know any of the potentials below. With us now being halfway through the year, embarrassingly I am still leading the league table. 

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In Other News

Princess Anne has been discharged from hospital five days after being admitted with minor head injuries and concussion believed to have been caused by a horse. The Princess Royal, 73, left Southmead hospital in Bristol early on Friday morning. There is no indication yet when she will have recovered enough to resume public engagements. She will remain at her Gatcombe Park estate in Gloucestershire for a further period of rest and recuperation, it is understood, and will return to public duties only once her medical team recommend it is safe and comfortable to do so. Her husband, V Adm Sir Timothy Laurence, said in a statement: “I would like to extend my warmest thanks to the team at Southmead hospital for their care, expertise and kindness during my wife’s short stay.” Few details about the incident are known, and it is understood the princess was unable to remember precise details due to the concussion. There were said to be horses in the vicinity of where it occurred, within the protected perimeter of her estate, and her medical team have said her injuries are consistent with a potential impact from a horse’s head or legs. Emergency services and an air ambulance attended and Anne was treated at the scene. She was transferred to Southmead hospital by road for tests, treatment and observation. Buckingham Palace said on Monday that she was “expected to make a full and swift recovery”. Recovery from concussion varies depending on the individual and the nature of the incident. Sources indicated Anne will return to public duties when doctors recommend she may do so but at this stage it is not possible to know when that will be. She will receive rehabilitation support at home as she follows standard concussion protocols, it is understood. She had been due to visit Canada at the end of this week, and was unable to attend the Buckingham Palace banquet on Tuesday held for the Japan state visit. Laurence, and Anne’s daughter, Zara Tindall, visited her in hospital separately on Tuesday, with Laurence returning on Wednesday. He said at the time the princess was “doing fine, slow but sure” and that he had taken her a “few little treats from home”. King Charles did not visit his sister in person but was being kept closely informed of her progress and sent his “fondest love and well wishes” to the princess for a speedy recovery. 

The Notebook star Gena Rowlands has been living with Alzheimer’s disease for the past five years, her son, director and actor Nick Cassavetes, has said. Rowlands, 94, starred as the older version of Rachel McAdams’s lead character, Allie, in the 2004 romantic drama – based on the bestselling Nicholas Sparks novel. Allie ends up passing away at the end of the movie after developing Alzheimer’s. “I got my mom to play older Allie, and we spent a lot of time talking about Alzheimer’s and wanting to be authentic with it, and now, for the last five years, she’s had Alzheimer’s,” Cassavetes told the Flying Monkeys. “She’s in full dementia. And it’s so crazy – we lived it, she acted it, and now it’s on us,” The Notebook director said. Speaking in a 2004 interview, Rowlands discussed how her mother’s struggle with the same disease impacted her decision to take the role. “This last one – The Notebook was particularly hard because I play a character who has Alzheimer’s,” she said at the time. “I went through that with my mother, and if Nick hadn’t directed the film, I don’t think I would have gone for it – it’s just too hard. It was a tough but wonderful movie.” Rowlands, who is retired from acting, had an illustrious career in film, TV and theatre. She earned two Oscar nominations for her breakout role in the 1974 drama Woman Under the Influence and 1980’s Gloria. She was married to filmmaker and actor John Cassavetes from 1954 up until his death in 1989. Besides Nick, they share two other children: director and Broken English actor Zoe Cassavetes and director and actor Alexandra “Xan” Cassavetes.   

Former England and Gloucestershire fast bowler David ‘Syd’ Lawrence has been diagnosed with motor neurone disease (MND). The 60-year-old played five Test matches for England and took 625 wickets in 280 matches during a 16-year career at Gloucestershire that ended in 1997. A hugely popular figure among the Gloucestershire and wider England fanbase, Syd was unveiled as Club President in April 2022 and despite his MND diagnosis, has said he wishes to see out the entirety of his Presidency at Gloucestershire. David and his wife, Gaynor, are hugely appreciative for the unwavering support they have received and will do in the future from friends and family. While devastated at the diagnosis, David will fight the disease all the way and has expressed his thanks to the Club, the PCA and the Hornsby Trust, for all their support during this extremely difficult time.  Will Brown, outgoing Chief Executive at Gloucestershire Cricket, said: “Everyone at the Club is devastated to hear of the news from David Lawrence and his MND diagnosis. David is an icon of the game, a club legend and a trailblazer as the first British-born Black player to play for England. More than that he is the best of people, kind, loving, considerate and an inspiration to all of us here at Gloucestershire. Working with him since he has been Club President has been both an awesome and humbling experience – he has opened doors we didn’t even know were there, helped us learn and become a friend to so many of us. That friendship is a very special thing and one I know we all cherish. I know I speak for everyone associated with the Club in sending all our love to David, Gaynor and all of their family and friends.” At the request of David, Gaynor and their family, Gloucestershire would like to ask that David’s privacy is respected while he comes to terms with the diagnosis. 

On This Day

  • 1859 – French acrobat Charles Blondin crosses Niagara Falls on a tightrope.
  • 1908 – The Tunguska Event, the largest impact event on Earth in human recorded history, resulting in a massive explosion over Eastern Siberia.
  • 1934 – The Night of the Long Knives, Adolf Hitler’s violent purge of his political rivals in Germany, takes place.
  • 1937 – The world’s first emergency telephone number, 999, is introduced in London.
  • 1971 – The crew of the Soviet Soyuz 11 spacecraft are killed when their air supply escapes through a faulty valve.
  • 2007 – A Jeep Cherokee filled with propane canisters drives into the entrance of Glasgow Airport, Scotland in a failed terrorist attack. Alex McIlveen, a taxi driver, saw what was unfolding and after approaching one of the men, famously kicked the terrorist so hard in the  groin that he tore a tendon in his own foot. 
  • 2009 – Yemenia Flight 626, an Airbus A310-300, crashes into the Indian Ocean near Comoros, killing 152 of the 153 people on board. A 14-year-old girl named Bahia Bakari survives the crash.


  • 888 – Æthelred, archbishop of Canterbury.
  • 2003 – Buddy Hackett, American actor and comedian (b. 1924).
  • 2017 – Barry Norman, English television presenter (b. 1933).

Welcome to Death Row

Wade Wilson, the Fort Myers man convicted of killing two Cape Coral women, is one step closer to being sentenced to death for his crimes. 

Wilson was convicted on June 12, 2024, in Lee County on six charges, including the murders of Kristine Melton and Diane Ruiz: The jury in Wilson’s trial voted in favour of recommending the death penalty for each of the murders. 

Back in October 2019, Wilson, then 25 years old, met Kristine Melton, 35, and her friend Stephanie Sailors at Buddah LIVE, a Fort Myers bar. After the bar closed, Wilson and the two women went to the home of Jayson Shepard where they stayed for several hours before leaving in the morning. 

Wilson, Melton and Sailors then went Melton’s Cape Coral home. After Sailors left, Wilson strangled Melton to death as she slept in her bed and stole her car. 

A short time later, Wilson saw 43-year-old Diane Ruiz walking along a Cape Coral street, asked her for directions and lured her into the car. When Ruiz tried to exit the car, Wilson attacked her, beating and strangling her before pushing her out of the car and running her over repeatedly.

After the murders, Wilson called his biological father Steven Testasecca several times confessing to and narrating the crimes. Testasecca contacted police and Wilson was arrested.  

Jurors, who had the option of recommending life without parole or death, voted 9-3 and 10-2 for death. Trial judge Nicholas Thompson will decide whether the death sentence recommended by the jury is imposed.

Once sentenced and other unrelated charges are resolved, Wilson will be transferred from the Lee County Jail into the Florida prison system.

Death row inmates are housed at Union Correctional Institution, formerly Florida State Prison, in Raiford. Executions are also carried out at that facility.

If Wilson is sentenced to death, he’ll be housed in a cell measuring 6x9x9.5 feet on Florida’s death row at Union Correctional Institution. According to the Florida Department of Corrections, inmates on death row are allowed snacks, radios and 13” TVs, but do not have cable or air-conditioning.  They wear orange T-shirts to set them apart from other inmates and the same blue pants worn by regular prisoners.

Death row inmates are served three meals a day – at 5a.m., from 10:30 to 11a.m. and from 4 to 4:30p.m.. Food is prepared by prison staff and transported in insulated carts to the cells, where inmates are given sporks to eat from the provided trays. They’re allowed showers every other day and any visitors must be pre-approved. Inmates can receive mail, except on holidays and weekends. 

Death Row inmates are counted at least hourly. They wear handcuffs everywhere except in their cells, the exercise yard and shower. They are in their cells except for medical reasons, exercise, social or legal visits or media interviews. Once a death warrant is signed by the governor, the inmate is put on Death Watch status and allowed a legal and social phone call. 

In 1923, the Florida Legislature passed a law replacing hanging with the electric chair. An oak chair was built by prison inmates in that year.

Florida’s current three-legged electric chair, nicknamed “Old Sparky,” was built of oak by Florida Department of Corrections staff and installed at Florida State Prison in Raiford in 1999.

Legislation passed in 2000 allows for lethal injection as an alternative to the electric chair.

Last Week’s Birthdays

Vincent D’Onofrio (65), Mike Tyson (58), Katherine Ryan (41), Gary Busey (80), Amanda Donohoe (62), Kathy Bates (76), John Cusack (58), Mel Brooks (98), Felicia Day (45), Alice Krige (70), Elon Musk (53), Emma D’Arcy (32), Tobey Maguire (49), Aubrey Plaza (40), Ariana Grande (31), Nick Offerman (54), Ricky Gervais (63), Sheridan Smith (43), Erin Moriarty (30), Iain Glen (63), Peter Weller (77), and Nancy Allen (74).

Dead Pool 23rd June 2024

No points to award this week, but a few names and stories to read below. Since we are having website trouble again, I’ll email the newsletters until the SSL issues are resolved. 

Look Who You Could Have Had:

In Other News

A London theatregoer has described the moment Sir Ian McKellen fell off stage and into her lap, saying she “went into shock.” Johanna Dart was attending a production of Player Kings at the Noel Coward Theatre in London’s West End on Monday evening when the Lord of the Rings star lost his footing during a fight scene and fell off the stage into the front row where she was sitting. Dart told the Flying Monkeys: “Getting crushed by Gandalf the Grey, that’s something you don’t expect.” She recalled that the 85-year-old theatrical knight appeared to trip on a prop on stage before falling and landing head-first on her knees. She added she had been enjoying the show immensely up until that moment. Charlie Johnson, a journalist for the Kingston Courier who was in the audience, told us: “As we approached the interval of the play, there was a fight scene going on. “There were strobe lights and then it all went dark, at which point you could see the silhouette of Sir Ian come out from the wings. And the way the stage works at the Noel Coward, there’s sort of a step down just as the stage meets the audience. I think what happened was he put his foot too far, sort of went off that initial step, at which point he lost his balance and pretty much just went head-first into the audience. And within seconds a blood-curdling scream arose from the actor. He was clearly in a lot of pain, he was screaming, ‘Help me.’” Straight after the incident, McKellen was treated by paramedics and taken to hospital. The following two evening’s performances were cancelled, and it has now been announced he will not be returning to the production. Dart went home with her family but also attended hospital later that night to ensure she has a record for her compensation claim. A statement by McKellen through his publicist Clair Dobbs said: “After three nights in hospital, the effects of my fall onstage have been fully analysed and I’m now having physiotherapy, light exercise and a lot of essential rest at home.  

A TV personality who was shot dead by her British oil tycoon husband in a murder-suicide loved to ‘party hard’ and seemed ‘happy’ in Turkey before she was killed, shocked friends  have revealed. Singer and comedian Victoria Vera Blyth, 40, was found dead after her husband David Thomas Blyth, 53, killed her before turning the gun on himself at their home in Turkey’s capital, Ankara, while their children were in the house on June 11. Friends of the couple yesterday claimed that the tragedy may have unfolded because Scottish-born Mr Blyth found out his wife was planning to leave him over his string of affairs. Ms Blyth is understood to have sent texts to friends telling them that she was unhappy  with her husband over his jealousy and ‘constant infidelities’ and return to her Czech Republic homeland. Her friends believe that the celebrity couple who were married for ten years could have had a furious row at their luxury villa after he translated her text messages showing her discussing her plans with her Czech friends. It was also claimed that controlling Blyth had allegedly become fed up with his ‘vivacious’ wife posting glamorous pictures of herself on Instagram, and had told her that it was unbecoming behaviour for the spouse of a senior executive. A Czech friend of Ms Blyth, who had three children with her husband and was known as Viky said: ‘Everyone was following her on Instagram, but a few months ago her profile suddenly disappeared. So I contacted Viky to find out what was going on. She told me that the husband did not want the wife of an influential businessman to present herself in this way. So, she complied and created a new profile, which she already had locked to the public, and stopped sharing her sexy photos. She explained that she was leaving her husband and children, that she wanted a life without infidelity and stress for the children… Who could have guessed that this decision would cost her her life and make three children orphans.’ Ms Blyth was a hugely popular figure in Czech showbiz circles, and presented the Morning Show on Europe 2 alongside  Czech broadcaster Leo Mare. 

Liverpool legend Alan Hansen has been released from hospital, having been admitted after falling seriously ill. “Alan has been discharged from hospital today to continue his recovery at home,” a statement from Liverpool FC read. “Alan, Janet, Adam, Lucy and family would like to thank everybody for their wonderful messages of love and support. It has been overwhelming and has helped enormously.” The former footballer, 69, was admitted in early June with figures from the footballing world rallying around. His former Liverpool and Scotland team-mate Graeme Souness had been in regular contact with Hansen’s family, providing updates on his chats with his close friend. “Anyone who’s met Alan Hansen, he has a wicked sense of humour so I’ve had two conversations with him in the last five, six days, both conversations were me on the receiving end of his humour, so that tells me he’s on the way back.” Souness had earlier indicated Hansen was on the mend following a phone conversation. And now there has been more positive news, with the defender allowed to return home. 

On This Day

  • 1868 – Christopher Latham Sholes received a patent for an invention he called the “Type-Writer”. 
  • 1972 – Watergate scandal: U.S. President Richard M. Nixon and White House Chief of Staff H. R. Haldeman are taped talking about illegally using the Central Intelligence Agency to obstruct the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s investigation into the Watergate break-ins. 
  • 1973 – A fire at a house in Hull, England, which kills a six-year-old boy is passed off as an accident; it later emerges as the first of 26 deaths by fire caused over the next seven years by serial arsonist Peter Dinsdale.
  • 2013 – Nik Wallenda becomes the first man to successfully walk across the Grand Canyon
  • on a tight rope.
  • 2016 – The United Kingdom votes in a referendum to leave the European Union, by 52% to 48%.


Central Coast Massacre Murderer Dies

Malcolm George Baker was an Australian spree killer from Terrigal, New South Wales, who died while serving six sentences of life imprisonment for the shooting massacre of seven people, including an unborn child, in Terrigal, Bateau Bay and Wyong on the evening of 27th October 1992, an event known as the Central Coast massacre. 

Baker had dated one of his victims, 23-year-old Kerry Gannon, for several years. She broke off the relationship about six weeks before the shootings. It was reported that a court had ordered Baker not to contact Gannon after their break up. Channel Nine television reported that authorities had revoked Baker’s weapon’s permit and confiscated a cache of weapons from him weeks prior after he allegedly harassed Gannon.

The shootings started at 9:12 p.m. at the Terrigal apartment of his ex-girlfriend Kerry Gannon and her younger sister Lisa Gannon. Baker used his shotgun to smash the front window. Twenty-two-year-old Christopher Gall, a friend of the sisters, was the first person shot, suffering a gunshot wound to the face. Baker then entered the house and shot Kerry Gannon dead. Moving through the house he shot dead Lisa, who was eight months pregnant; later efforts to save her unborn baby failed. Their father, Thomas Gannon, 43, who had been visiting for a few days, was found dead in the street. 

Baker then drove to the resort of Bateau Bay, where he arrived about ten minutes later, at the home of his 27-year-old son David. Baker shot his son through the back of his head. His body was discovered in the back yard of the home he shared with his wife and baby.

Baker then went to the home of Ross Smith, 35, and Leslie Read, 25, in Wyong, 15 kilometres north of Bateau Bay. Arriving there shortly before 10 p.m., he shot and critically injured Read, then finding Smith in the bathtub shot and killed him instantly. Read died two hours later in hospital. Smith and Baker had had a confrontation about two years prior, over a business deal gone sour.

At 11.00 p.m., Baker walked into Toukley police station, surrendered, and handed over a Sawed-off Remington 12-gauge double-barrelled shotgun. 

He was charged with six counts of murder and one count of attempted murder. 

On the 25th anniversary of the massacre, the mother of the killer’s ex-girlfriend, Ann Gannan, spoke out about her last encounter with him.

Baker, who was 43-years-old at the time, tried to run Ms Gannan over before making a chilling threat to her and her family.

‘Then he called out something like: “I’m going to take the lot of youse out,” and I really panicked then,’ she told in 2017.

‘I went back to Lisa and told her and we were all scared.’

She was right to be afraid of the unemployed mechanic, who went on his murder spree only weeks later.

‘He was the type of person that had to be in control. You’d just get a sense that something was amiss and if you see that you know trouble’s coming,’ she said.

‘I already knew it, I’d seen it in the girls. I’d seen the girls getting scared.’

Baker, 76, died in palliative care on Saturday while serving six life sentences.

Last Week’s Birthdays

Joel Edgerton (50), Melissa Rauch (44), Selma Blair (52), Bryan Brown (77), Frances McDormand (67), Meryl Streep (75), Lindsay Wagner (75), Bruce Campbell (66), Paterson Joseph (60), Kris Kristofferson (88), Tim Russ (68), Stephen Chow (62), Cyndi Lauper (71), Prunella Scales (92), Carrie Preston (57), Chris Pratt (45), Juliette Lewis (51), David Morrissey (60), Eve Harlow (35), Nicole Kidman (57), John Goodman (72), Christopher Mintz-Plasse (35), Lionel Richie (75), Miles O’Keeffe (70), Brian Wilson (82), Millie Gibson (20), Zoe Saldana (46), Kathleen Turner (70), Aidan Turner (41), Paula Abdul (62), Jacob Anderson (34), Richard Madden (38), Carol Kane (72), Isabella Rossellini (72), Paul McCartney (82), Will Forte (54), and Jodie Whittaker (42).

Dead Pool 16th June 2024

Not a good week to be a footballer it seems! We also have points to award!!! 70 whole points go to Neil, who correctly guessed that Françoise Hardy would peg it this year. Well done that man! 

Look Who You Could Have Had:

In Other News

Noam Chomsky has suffered a stroke and is recovering in hospital, his wife has confirmed. The 95-year-old famed linguist has not been seen in public since June last year, with many commenting on the weight of his absence from the broader debate surrounding the war in Gaza. Chomsky, who has been vocal about his support for the Palestinian cause and what he has called the “crimes” of the Israeli state, has been notably absent from demonstrations and discussions on the issue over the last year. Valeria Chomsky told the Flying Monkeys that the MIT professor is currently in a Sao Paulo hospital in her native country of Brazil after suffering from a stroke in June last year. The couple travelled on an ambulance jet with two nurses once he was well enough to leave the United States. Mrs Chomsky confirmed reports that her husband had difficulty speaking and that the right side of his body is affected. She said that a neurologist, speech therapist and lung specialist visit the academic on a daily basis. The famed intellectual is still following the news and his wife confirmed that he raises his left arm in a gesture of lament and anger when he sees images of the war in Gaza. It is feared that the MIT professor is unlikely to ever return to the public eye following the deterioration of his health. Chomsky’s former assistant Bev Stohl explained that the usually responsive academic “hasn’t been returning emails, or interviewing”. “In a nutshell, Noam is 95-years-old and suffered a medical event in June. As many have noticed, he has not been writing, corresponding, or interviewing, as his health situation has taken the majority of his time and energy.  

Veteran BBC DJ Johnnie Walker has been told to “prepare to die at any moment” after being diagnosed with a terminal illness. Walker, who has worked at the BBC since 1969, began his career at Radio 1 before moving to Radio 2 in 1998, where he currently hosts Sounds of the 70’s and The Radio 2 Rock Show. Since he was diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, an inflation of the lungs, he has been presenting his radio shows from his home in Dorset. Walker needs round-the-clock care and is being looked after, full-time, by his wife, Tiggy. The couple have opened up about Walker’s terminal illness on BBC Sounds podcast, Walker and Walker: Johnnie and Tiggy, in honour of Carers Week. In the special, the DJ opened up about having “only a finite amount of time left here in the physical before I pass over”, calling it “a very reflective time for us”. Walker, who was previously cared for by Tiggy when he was diagnosed with cancer shortly after their marriage in 2006, told his wife: “Here we are at the end of my life when you’re having to care for me all over again.” He said of Tiggy: “You definitely saved my life when I went through cancer. I’m positive I wouldn’t have made it without you. Your love was just so sustaining, it gave me so much to look forward to. And your caring for me now makes my life so much better.” Tiggy said she has required help in “grieving” the life they had together, stating: “It’s only by going to the doctors and going on antidepressants that I have kept going because I was crying every single day and I was overwhelmed.” She recalled how the couple were told by a consultant that Johnny should “prepare to go at any moment”, before adding: “Equally, you might be around for six months.” Walker said that at night Tiggy “very lovingly helps me get into bed and gives me a nice kiss good night, and then she has to wonder whether I’m still going to be alive in the morning, which must be pretty hard for  her”. 

Liverpool Football Club has sent a heartfelt message to club legend Alan Hansen, who is currently seriously ill in hospital, on his 69th birthday. Hansen was admitted to hospital late last week and has since received numerous messages of support. As the Scottish footballer turned 69, Liverpool FC took to Twitter to express their thoughts: “We’re all thinking of Alan and his family on his 69th birthday.” On Sunday, Liverpool confirmed Hansen’s hospitalisation with a statement that read: “The thoughts and support of everyone at Liverpool FC are with our legendary former captain Alan Hansen, who is currently seriously ill in hospital. A defender of the utmost elegance, Hansen’s outstanding raft of honours across a 14-year spell with the Reds he joined from Partick Thistle in 1977 included eight league titles, three European Cups, two FA Cups and three League Cups.” Known as ‘Jocky’ by his teammates, Hansen is among the top 10 for all-time appearances for the club, having played 620 matches. The Scottish centre-back also served as Liverpool’s captain for four seasons. Liverpool FC is currently in contact with Hansen’s family to offer support during this challenging time, and our thoughts, wishes and hopes are with Alan and all of the Hansen family.” Further updates will be provided as they become available, and the club has requested that the privacy of the Hansen family be respected during this time.  

Chef Gordon Ramsay has described feeling shaken after a “really bad” cycling accident in the US. In a video on social media, he lifted his chef’s whites to show substantial purple bruising on his torso for which he required hospital treatment. Addressing the message to “all the dads out there” ahead of Father’s Day on Sunday, the star of Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares and Hell’s Kitchen stressed the importance of wearing a helmet. “I don’t care how short the journey is,” he said, adding that the guidance becomes even more important when it comes to cycling with children – “they’ve got to wear a helmet”. “I want to wish you all a happy Father’s Day, but please, please, please wear a helmet. If I didn’t, honestly, I wouldn’t be here now.” On his Instagram, he also shared a before and after photograph showing substantial damage to his helmet. The chef said the accident took place earlier this week in Connecticut. The 57-year-old thanked the state’s Lawrence and Memorial Hospital’s trauma surgeons and nurses who looked after him. He clarified that he did not “break any bones or suffer any major injuries” but was “a bit bruised up looking like a purple potato”. “I’m in pain. It’s been a brutal week. And I’m sort of getting through it,” Ramsay added. 

Oprah Winfrey has been hospitalised with a stomach virus, her friend Gayle King revealed. On June 11, the 70-year-old media mogul was noticeably absent from a scheduled appearance on CBS Mornings. Her longtime friend and CBS anchor King revealed during the segment that Winfrey was unable to appear on the program due to a “serious” stomach bug. “She had some kind of stomach thing – stomach flu – stuff was coming out of both ends,” King said. “I won’t get too graphic. Needless to say, she ended up in the hospital, dehydration, had to get an IV. It was a very serious thing.” While King noted that Winfrey was going to “rally” from the stomach virus, she still needed time to rest. “She will be okay. I hope she’s not mad at me for sharing that detail,” King added about her pal. “But I wanted to make it clear, though, that it mattered to her and that it really bothered her that she couldn’t be here for you today.” In a statement a spokesperson told the Flying Monkeys that Winfrey is “recovering” following the stomach virus and “received an IV due to dehydration at the recommendation of her doctor.” “She is resting and feeling better every day,” they added.

On This Day

  • 1883 – The Victoria Hall theatre panic in Sunderland, England, kills 183 children.
  • 1955 – In a futile effort to topple Argentine President Juan Perón, rogue aircraft pilots of the Argentine Navy drop several bombs upon an unarmed crowd demonstrating in favor of Perón in Buenos Aires, killing 364 and injuring at least 800.
  • 1963 – Soviet Space Program: Vostok 6 mission: Cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova becomes the first woman in space.


  • 1959 – George Reeves, American actor and director (b. 1914).
  • 1999 – Screaming Lord Sutch, English singer and activist (b. 1940).
  • 2016 – Jo Cox, English political activist and MP (b. 1974).
  • 2017 – Helmut Kohl, German politician, Chancellor of Germany (b. 1930).

Penis of the Dead 

An autopsy expert has spoken about what happens to the male anatomy after you die, after answering a curious Reddit user’s question.

A forensic technician and autopsy assistant was asked what actually happens to the penis after death, and was only too happy to let internet users know.

We’re guessing that if you’re still reading then you’re morbidly curious about this sort of thing, but just to warn you, it’s not pleasant…

The question posed on Reddit was: “What happens to dicks when the body decomposes? Do you ever chat with your coworkers about the body’s dicks?”

The expert replied: “They bloat pretty intensely, turn green, and get maggoty just like the rest of the body.”

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

They then went on to explain that penises of deceased patients have to be discussed sometimes for medical reasons – and they have to be inspected for ‘genital warts, trauma, tattoos and silicone implants’ in order to file them properly on the body exam.

The expert added: “We have to remove jewellery if they have genital piercings, and if there is a catheter, we have to remove that as well.”

Meanwhile, an interactive map recently appeared online which pinpoints the size of penises across the globe.

On the website, the interactive map reveals average erect penis sizes in up to 90 countries around the world – so you can see where your country sits in the list.

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Arnold Vosloo (62), Sibel Kekilli (44), John Cho (52), James Bolam (89), Helen Hunt (61), Courteney Cox (60), Neil Patrick Harris (51), Jim Belushi (70), Julie Hagerty (69), Robin Curtis (68), Will Patton (70), Donald Trump (78), Boy George (63), Chris Evans (43), Stellan Skarsgård (73), Ally Sheedy (62), Kat Dennings (38), Malcolm McDowell (81), Tim Allen (71), Richard Thomas (73), Simon Callow (75), Mary-Kate Olsen (38), Ashley Olsen (38), Kathy Burke (60), Steve-O (50), Shia LaBeouf (38), Peter Dinklage (55), Hugh Laurie (65), Joshua Jackson (46), Adrienne Barbeau (79), Jane Goldman (54), DJ Qualls (46), Elizabeth Hurley (59), Bill Burr (56), and Jürgen Prochnow (83).

Dead Pool 9th June 2024

A busy week for deaths! With the sad passing of rugby player Rob Burrow, I can award 109   points to Christine, Paula, Mark, Paul C, and me, and a whopping 209 points to Julia for having him as her Cert. I can also award 49 points to Gwenan who correctly guessed that Janis Paige would pass away this year. 

Well done everyone, especially me as I am now embarrassingly at the top of the Leader Board, I’m not cheating, honestly!!!  

Look Who You Could Have Had:

  • Erich Anderson, 67, American actor (Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter, Bat*21,), oesophageal cancer. 
  • Harry van Hoof, 81, Dutch conductor (“Ding-a-dong”, “I See a Star”), composer (“How Do You Do”). 
  • Rob Burrow, 41, English rugby league player (Leeds Rhinos, Yorkshire, national team), complications from motor neurone disease. 
  • Jeannette Charles, 96, British actress (National Lampoon’s European Vacation, The Naked Gun, Austin Powers in Goldmember).  
  • Colin Gibb, 70, British musician (Black Lace). 
  • Janis Paige, 101, American actress (Please Don’t Eat the Daisies, The Pajama Game, It’s Always Jan). 
  • Morrie Markoff, 110, American blogger, writer, and supercentenarian. 
  • William Russell, 99, English actor (Doctor Who, The Adventures of Sir Lancelot, The Great Escape). 
  • C.Gambino, 26, Swedish rapper, shot.  
  • Nicholas Ball, 78, English actor (EastEnders, Footballers’ Wives, Hazell). 
  • William Anders, 90, American astronaut (Apollo 8, author of the photograph Earthrise) and diplomat, ambassador to Norway, plane crash. 
  • Michael Mosley, 67, British television journalist and writer. 

In Other News

Singer Halsey has indicated she has been struggling with the autoimmune disease lupus in a cryptic social media post. The 29-year-old declared she was “lucky to be alive” in the Instagram post and said she had written an album about her secret health struggles. “Long story short, I’m lucky to be alive. Short story long, I wrote an album,” she said on Tuesday night. “It begins with The End. Out now.” she said before tagging Lupus Research Alliance and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Lupus is an autoimmune disease that occurs when your body’s immune system attacks your own tissues and organs, causing inflammation. Along with the announcement she shared a series of photos summarising her health journey. In the first clip, she was seen rubbing her legs as she told the camera, “Seriously … I feel like an old lady. I told myself I’m giving myself two more years to be sick. At 30 I’m having a rebirth, I’m not going to be sick and I’m going to look super hot and have lots of energy and I’m going to get to redo my 20s in my 30s.” 

Kevin Campbell is ‘very unwell’ in hospital as Arsenal and Everton both provided an update on their former player following news of his ill health. It emerged on Sunday that Campbell had been reportedly ‘rushed to hospital’ with former footballers Ray Parlour and Trevor Sinclair offering public support. The 54-year-old won a number of major trophies at Arsenal having progressed through the Hale End academy during his 10-year stint at the north London club. Campbell recently fell ill and while his current condition remains unknown, his former clubs Arsenal and Everton have confirmed that he is ‘very unwell’. ‘Everyone at the club is sending love to Kevin Campbell and his family, following news that our former striker is very unwell,’ Arsenal said in a statement on Monday. ‘We’re thinking of you.’ Campbell played a total of 209 games for Arsenal between 1985 and 1995, producing 55 goals and 20 assists. He is also well known for his successful spell at Everton, where he scored 50 times and provided eight assist across 160 appearances.

On This Day

  • 1930 – A Chicago Tribune reporter, Jake Lingle, is killed during rush hour at the Illinois Central train station by Leo Vincent Brothers, allegedly over a $100,000 gambling debt owed to Al Capone.
  • 1959 – The USS George Washington is launched. It is the first nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine.
  • 1968 – U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson declares a national day of mourning following the assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy.


  • 68 – Nero, Roman emperor (b. 37).
  • 1870 – Charles Dickens, English novelist and critic (b. 1812).
  • 1958 – Robert Donat, English actor (b. 1905).
  • 2013 – Iain Banks, Scottish author (b. 1954). 
  • 2014 – Rik Mayall, English comedian, actor, and screenwriter (b. 1958). 
  • 2017 – Adam West, American actor (b. 1928).

Dead & Alive

A woman in Nebraska who was mistaken for dead at a nursing home and later found to be alive at a funeral home has now really died, authorities have confirmed.

Constance Glantz, 74, was declared dead at a nursing home near the state capital of Lincoln on Monday.

Staff at a local funeral home that she was then brought to noticed about two hours later that she was still breathing. They quickly performed CPR on her.

Ms Glantz was quickly taken to hospital, but officials said that she was later declared dead – for a second time – soon after.

Police are now investigating the incident, but they said there is no evidence of criminal intent by the nursing home.

“This is a very unusual case,” Chief Deputy Ben Houchin from the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office said at a press briefing on Monday.

“Been doing this 31 years, and nothing like this has ever gotten to this point before.”

A coroner was not sent to the nursing home after it declared her dead because Ms Glantz had been placed in hospice care, and the circumstances did not fall within a coroner’s remit, Mr Houchin told reporters.

Ms Glantz’s death had been anticipated, he explained.

Additionally, “a physician had seen her in the last seven days, and the physician was willing to sign the death certificate, and… there was nothing suspicious at the time of the death”.

On Tuesday at around 16:00 local time she was pronounced dead for a second time, Mr Houchin later told reporters.

He added that a post-mortem examination had been scheduled later on Tuesday, and that results could take up to 12 weeks.

“The funeral home did absolutely nothing wrong,” Mr Houchin added. “They are the ones who found that she was still alive.”

Mr Houchin did not name the homes at the centre of the mishap.

Reporters also contacted the funeral parlour named in local media – Butherus, Maser and Love Funeral Home – which said in a statement: “We are proud that our directors and staff handled the recent incident in the news appropriately and with upmost care.”

Ms Glantz is not the only person to be pronounced dead only to reveal themselves as still being alive.

In June last year, 76-year-old Bella Montoya in Ecuador was declared dead following a suspected stroke, placed in a coffin and taken to a funeral parlour for a vigil ahead of her burial. Five hours later, she was found to be alive after the coffin was opened to change her clothes. She did, however, die days later.

In 2018, a South African woman who was initially declared dead following a road accident was discovered alive in a mortuary fridge.

Dr Stephen Hughes, a senior lecturer in medicine at Anglia Ruskin University’s School of Medicine in Chelmsford, has said that such cases are rare, but that “death is a process”.

“Sometimes somebody may look like they’re dead but they’re not quite dead,” Dr Hughes told the Flying Monkeys  after the incident in Ecuador. “Careful examination is necessary.”

Dr Hughes added that doctors would often look for heart sounds or breathing effort for at least a minute before declaring someone dead, and that some drugs could also slow down body processes, giving someone the false appearance of having passed away.

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