KingOfAnkh is also better known as Gwyn Williams, a professional bone idler with opinions.
KoA has been blogging since 2003 and found notoriety whilst blogging at Modblog where most of his current readership found his acerbic wit and rebel rousing ways agreeable.
Following the demise of Modblog he moved to EFx2 where he continued to wind people up until they had mild seizures or in the case of a Finnish reader, an embolism.

Whilst he found that giving people brain bubbles amusing, he grew tired of the constant bickering and childishness at EFx2 and decided to set up home at Vox where the majority of his readership followed him, God knows why, they must like reading drivel.
Whilst at Vox the Kingster matured and no longer took it upon himself to set the world to rights, he enjoyed the lighter side of writing much more. As with all things great, Vox finally died as well, not his fault obviously, but the King moved to pastures new and now resides at his very own website, which will hopefully never crumble into dust.

You are most likely to find KoA on Twitter nowadays, he’s too lazy to blog, hell, he hardly ever completetes a twoosh! 140 characters is like rewriting the bible for him, however he still keeps writing for The Dead Pool which you can find at www.thedeadpool.rip

In his future aspirations he hopes to carry on blogging and perhaps invent the trans-warp engine so mankind can live beyond the stars, failing that, he said he’d be happy finding a real job where he can make a bob or two, mainly so he can leave this Godforsaken country and live it up in Barbados with as many scantily clad women as he can get a hold of whilst quaffing the island dry of cocktails.
Animals and children also like him, which assures him that he will be a bachelor for the rest of his life.

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