So Much To Say

Twitter has died. Of course we all know this as we no longer use it to say things anymore, its become an advertising tool that nobody pays attention to.

Tweeting used to be fun, trying to fit in what you wanted to say in 140 characters and being locked out when you tweeted too many times in an hour. Even a shy guy like me had two accounts so I could keep on chatting when my ‘proper’ account was shut down because I had been too vocal. Blogging was on the wane, we needed something else, a silly site with restrictions seemed to fit the bill. Fuck me! It was the new nightclub where you could chat to like-minded people without being drowned out by the noise.

Now everyone is doing it, so nobody is paying attention.

I loved Twitter, I really did. It mirrored the chat rooms I used to set up in AOL, random people just talked, expressed their opinion and were very real about themselves. Sub-cultures emerged, music, quizzes, food, romance, etc. I have met so many great people through the beginnings of Twitter to rival Modblog, I fell in love, alas not to last; I also met the greatest of friends that I have never met which I still chat to on other mediums, be it through Scrabble, Fb or private blogs etc. I miss that, I really do.

Although I never thought there could be a ‘new thing’ after Modblogging, Twitter came along. It replaced blogging very quickly, now I feel things are reversing. This is why I am revitalising this old place, everyone who used to visit is long gone, but I hope you as a new reader will comment and leave your own blog address, lets build up a new community and build new friendships.