Today is my birthday, yay!

39, one away from my midlife crisis and also one away from the most epic birthday parties of all time. This year is a muted affair, I spent it working on fireworks, fusing shells no less, so if anyone is looking for an expert bomb maker, here I am. (Nods to NSA).

This evening I will crack open a bottle of wine and most likely fart myself asleep. So hip and happening I be.


Hi everyone, welcome to my new blog home, isn’t it nice and spangly! I thought I’d treat myself to my very own website for my birthday and here it is.

For some unknown reason I have been unable to import my old posts from the various other blogging platforms I’ve used over the years, which is probably a good thing, so I’m starting anew. So forgive me if I blog stuff you already know about.

I’m sure things will change here soon enough, I’m learning quickly and I am now getting to the gist of how things work, so watch this space!