Not So Great Britain

I’m angry! I’m really fucking angry!

Why? I hear you ask. Well let me enlighten you.

Back in the times of the great but overlooked Clement Atlee, Great Britain, we were still great back then, managed to rebuild the country after WWII, created the NHS, achieved full employment, built homes and schools, employed teachers, ended the exploitation of workers by introducing a fair wage and employment conditions, introduced child benefit, invalidity benefit, social security, sick pay and maternity pay. Truly building a nation ready to be great and a society that is caring and fair.

Earlier I was watching Children in Need on the televisual box asking us to donate our hard earned cash to help child carers, to help children who can’t get the drugs they need for an ailment, to feed children in Britain because their parents can’t afford food! All the things that the state should be providing for by our hard earned taxes rather than funding India’s space missions and wars in countries none of us give a fuck about!

Today we see that cunt Cameron and his cronies vilifying the needy, turning the minds of usually level headed voters against what they know is right because someone who has never needed a handout in their life knows full well how hard it is to live on £60 a week! From bedroom taxes and dole penalties to making pensioners pay for their own care if they own their own houses, running down the NHS because their friends own private healthcare companies, making cancer sufferers guilty of malingering, turning the populace against simple human decency just so they can get their cunting selves and their friends richer.

This has to stop.