A Resurrection?

To my family and the people that I interact with on a daily basis I must seem rather private, I tend not to share what I have done on my weekends and evenings, they usually assume I sit in my bedroom wanking or spend most of my time playing WoW. I don’t mind keeping up this pretence, it makes life easier and I don’t have to explain myself. I don’t have a girlfriend, I have a cat, I’m the epitome of a saddo! Something I find very easy to live with.

I’m not going to share with you how I entertain myself nowadays, but those who do know, know. Social media has become an exceptionally important part of my life, I think it always has been. Since AOL introduced their chat function I have embraced the technology and I have fallen in love more than once, but history records that people like me never find happiness because I’m a square looking for a circle and those circles are looking for stars.

However, I once used to write a blog that was reasonably popular back in the day. It mainly consisted of me baiting trolls, but it also contained some anecdotes from my mostly varied and amazing life. Sadly, over the years the majority of these writings have died with the various demises of the blog-hosting sites that they were written on, so even though some of you may have read a few of these tales, the majority have not. I think we are ripe for a retelling because the old readership has moved onto greater things and of course I’m self-hosting which gives me all of the control I always wished I had. Which also means you cunts are mostly unaware of the joy ahead of you.

If you think this might be of interest, please let me know in the comments on this blog, not on Fb or Twitter, it doesn’t work that way.