The Lack of Anything Anymore

I used to be a very angry little fellow. Yes, me! For those of you who remember my time at Modblog and EFX2, you will recall that any little thing on the news would rile me out of my own little head and I’d tell everyone my thoughts and opinions until I was blue in the face. I used to enjoy baiting right-wing nutters from around the globe, especially bible battering Republicans from the belt, but nowadays I seem to have mellowed, or have I?

I don’t think I have mellowed at all, I have just become apathetic to the world. No matter how much I complained, shouted, moaned, whinged, nothing seemed to change. My views on gun ownership are well documented, I used to get absolutely mental at shootings in the US but now I couldn’t give a flying fuck about a whole classroom of children getting shot in the head by a disgruntled WoW player. Not because I don’t care about the plight of those dead children, but because nobody cares enough to make a difference. So many powerful statesmen with the muscle to do something about it, yet they are too scared to fight the mentalist NRA. So if they can’t make a difference, what can this ex-blogger do? Fuck all!

I’m looking at the news today, Israel and Palestine are technically knocking the sevens shits of hell out of each other, but as we know it’s a very one sided fight, as it always has been. I could be anti-Semitic and blame the Jews for everything, which is a rather blinkered view that half the world is siding with, but most Jews don’t actually live in Israel, so how can you be angry at my friend who happens to be Jewish but lives near London, who has nothing to do with the atrocities being carried out a billion miles away, and probably feels very guilty over whats happening in the name of her religion. Likewise I could say the same for another friend who happens to be Muslim, does he support Hamas? No, but the sheer terror of peoples views in this country make him feel guilty and fear for his safety when he walks down the street in Manchester. People shouldn’t need to feel this way in our country, we are secular, we thrive on our differences, yet day-in day-out I see posts on Facebook supporting vile groups, and these are meant to be my ‘friends’!

A lot of people are angry over GMO, one friend in particular is, and I love the fact he’s fighting his corner and making his views known as he used to be a pussy :P. But looking from another perspective makes his views wrong, do I get on my high horse and shout him down? No, I just don’t have the gumption to argue with him. From a scientific and commercial point of view, GMO is a good thing, from a social and ecological view, it’s rather harmful, but do you take the good for humanity over the good for nature? Do I really care? I’ll be dead soon, I don’t have any progeny, it won’t really effect me.

Rapists, paedophile Bishops, murderers and general arseholes, even internet trolls, they no longer rile me either. What pisses me off more is the BBC covering too much sport over the last couple of months, leaving me bereft of viewing pleasure even though they have several channels to show sport on. Why the fuck do they clog up BBC1 and BBC2 with crapness when they have all the other channels showing nothing but repeats all fucking night!! Seriously, if Ceebeebies is closed from 6pm, why not use that bandwidth to show Canada beating Tobago at skittles! Give me back QI and Michael Portillo on a fucking train!

Now I’m thinking about it, a few things still so make me angry, like being told to settle down, you’re nearly 40! Just because your not so perfect life demanded that you had to settle for the first partner that came along doesn’t mean that my life should be the same. I’m not a failure for not finding a woman of similar age to halve my rent, in fact, I am more of a winner for doing the job on my own. Sure, the sex is lacking, but from speaking to my married friends, I seem to be getting more sex than they do, so who’s justified now? The majority of you are having affairs, I know this because I’ve fucked most of you, so don’t preach at me for being single, I’m not the one breaking vows.

The number one thing that makes me super-angry, in a volcanic way, is sheer stupidity. Sadly this is more common now that it used to be. I think the advent of Facebook showed us all how educated the masses really are. I’d say 80% of the people who read my rant will not understand some of the plethora of words I have used in this short missive. Sharing the dates of a once in a lifetime Super Moon! Woo fucking Woo! Did you not think of looking to see if this was true? No? Go take yourself and jump off a cliff, you fucking waste of planetary space.

No, I’m not as laid back as I thought I was, I’m still an angry little cunt!